Ferncliffe Forest Restoration in KZN

Since 2007 A Rocha worked on restoring a felled timber plantation of approximately 2,5 ha’s. The Ferncliffe Reserve is situated on an escarpment overlooking the city of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal. It is made up of highly degraded mist-belt forest, a small area of degraded grasslands and patchworks of exotic timber plantation. The forests, situated close to the city, became the primary source of timber for the construction of the Victorian era buildings built since the mid 1850’s. Much of the area was later established to exotic Pine and Eucalyptus forestry and left to degrade to alien invasive vegetation upon harvesting of the timber. The reserve has been largely neglected for the last 20 years allowing for continued degradation. Situated only 6.5km from the centre of Pietermaritzburg, the area is enjoyed by hikers and mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts.
At present we host a volunteer work party around 5 times per year on a Saturday. The main activities are:
Alien invasive Clearing
Planting of indigenous trees

Ferncliffe Forest restoration

All is welcome to lend a hand to restore the Ferncliffe forest to its former glory

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