Poems on Creation

AnthologySome time ago A Rocha South Africa held a Writers’ Workshop in the Western Cape of South Africa. Among the new writers were five poets whose dedication to loving and caring for the environment has propelled them into meeting regularly to receive, read and resonate with what is valuable in each other’s work.

The result is an anthology Creation’s Yes! where you may read about moles and bats at night, or about novices walking in silent contemplation of the mysteries surrounding them. You will find yourself being asked hard questions about poverty and inequality, and you might sigh as a butterfly leaves you with only a gentle reminder of what might have been.

Peter Harris says in this recommendation: It is deeply refreshing to read this celebration of South Africa’s wonderful created world. So often environmental discourse is full of foreboding, but here even the lamentation finds lyrical forms that promise redemption. Take time to slow down and enter the world of these poets as they notice and write from their hearts of all they see and feel around them.

Read more by John Roff and the other four poets here

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