Footsteps to Good Hope

8th May 2018
EE & science

Jacobus van der Linden, an 18 year old student, decided he wanted challenge himself and the youth to care for creation.

His own challenge was to do a 977 Km walk along the West Coast of South Africa – from Alexander Bay at the mouth of the Gariep/Orange River to the Cape of Good Hope south of Cape Town.

The walk started in early December 2017. Jacobus followed the coast as close as possible. Unfortunately in some areas the beaches were to dangerous or private mines did not give him permission to enter their property.

The West Coast border the cold Atlantic ocean and has very low rainfall. So the first 600 Km of the walk was through an arid semi-desert region with very little water.

To watch a short video on the walk click on the picture of Jacobus preparing a meal.

During the walk Jacobus and his support team visited churches where they told the story and encouraged the members to care for the environment. The churches blessed Jacobus by praying for the family and a safe passage to the end of the walk.

Jacobus had to cover 30 Km a day to complete the walk as planned. So there was not much time to relax. Even so he made time to collect data on two projects on behalf of A Rocha. He could the African Black Oystercatcher and their GPS co-ordinates, and he identified marine pollution and nurdles hotspots.

He identified 453 Oystercatchers and this data has been shared with BirdLife SA.

The information on marine pollution and nurdles was forwarded to the Marine and Coastal Conservation Program of ARI.

Jacobus arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on 13 Jan. 2018 as planned.

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