A Rocha Memorial Hide at Kuzuko Lodge


On Friday 4 September 2020 Kuzuko Lodge in partnership with A Rocha South Africa hosted the celebratory the unveiling of their brand new A Rocha Memorial Bird Hide in memory of A Rocha International team Miranda Harris, Chis and Suzanna Naylor, who tragically lost their lives after a visit to Kuzuko in October 2019.


Memorial Bird hide KuzukoOur gratitude goes to all involved:

Thanks to Keith Joubert, Lesley Joubert, Wentzel Greyling and Martin Keevy for their part in constructing the hide

Gerhard and Catharina de Lange from Kuzuko Lodge played key roles in making it all possible.

Thanks to Mark and Kelly Brown for facilitating the bird ringing

A special thank you to Kuzuko Lodge for hosting the participants

Memorial hide A ocha Kuzuko








This living memorial in the Eastern Cape is an accolade to the staff and volunteers at Kuzuko who built it. They are to be commended for the incredible lengths they have gone to in order to honour the A Rocha International team.

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